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Anthony Padilla is an artist who is deeply inspired by the natural world. His paintings are a visual feast for the eyes, full of rich and vibrant colours  that transport viewers to lush rainforests, tropical paradises, and other idyllic landscapes. Whether he's depicting lush vegetation, colourful  animals, or abstract forms, Padilla always manages to capture the beauty and elegance of the natural environment.

Padilla's artistic style is heavily influenced by the works of artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe and Henri Rousseau. He pays particular attention to colour and form, crafting each painting with a keen eye for detail. His depictions of leaves and flowers are so lifelike that they appear to be billowing in the wind, creating a sense of movement and energy.

In addition to his paintings, Padilla is also a skilled muralist. His large-scale works can be found in cities across the country, including New York City and Fort Worth, Texas. These massive pieces of art are not only beautiful but also inspiring, encouraging people to think about the natural world and their place within it.

Overall, Anthony Padilla's art is a true celebration of the natural world, showcasing its beauty and wonder in a way that is both awe-inspiring and thought-provoking. His work is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature and the power of art to convey its essence.


Anthony Padilla's First Solo Exhibition REALIZATION in Paris, France was presented by Lisa Boudet. Opening the 2nd of September 2022 at 7 Rue Saint Claude in Paris, France.

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