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Charlotte Fox was born in Brooklyn, New York where she lived for the first 17 years of her life. Fox's mother, also an artist, greatly influenced her growing up, and was fortunate enough to get to watch her in her studio throughout the years. Fox found traveling and tagging along to her mother’s openings to be the most intoxicating experiences and fell in love both with both making art and the environment of constantly being around art and other artists who knew so much more than her.


Later Fox to Chicago and graduated with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 with a focus in painting, before returning back to Brooklyn. Since then she has worked predominantly in oil and have been making work that tries to playfully and humorously navigate experiences of repulsion and attraction and how these can occur simultaneously. The paintings often explore themes of sexuality and fantasy, usually depicted through a mixture of fragmented, figurative realism and cartoonish representation.


Fox's process uses several visual references such as her own personal photos, images she finds online, vintage porn magazines and old films and cartoons. Which Fox later digitally manipulated together to create a reference image to paint on the canvas.


A lot of Fox's work is inspired by older films which she spent a lot of time watching growing up and even dabbled with the idea of making her own for some time. She like to look at the color relationships and composition of a scene and let that influence how she begins making a painting. Mostly Fox's inspiration comes from other artists like Neo Rauch, Albert Oehlen, Marilyn Minter, Janiva Ellis and David Salle to name just a few.


Recently Charlotte Fox has shown in group shows in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seoul, with the most recent being online shows; “ OOPS (One Outstanding Person Show) : The Brain Maps of Charlotte Fox,” online with Kenny Schachter in 2020, and “Summer Camp”, at Tchotchke Gallery in 2021.


Charlotte Fox also took part in ‘LUCKY CHARM’ a Group Exhibition of 28 International Artists. Presented by Lisa Boudet in association with Moosey Art. Opening the 4th of November 2021 at Hoxton Arches in London, United Kingdom.

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