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In June of 2021 I spoke with Eric Hussenot, the Owner and Director of Galerie Hussenot in Paris. He shared his views and insights behind the Group Exhibition 'Women in Paris' curated by Michael Dupouy, William Leung and Henry Relph. Opening in 1985, the Hussenot gallery aims to expose and promote international contemporary art. In 2006 Eric Hussenot took the direction of the gallery and since then he has expanded the artist base with young artists from around the world. Fostering emerging, mid-career and established talent and seeks to contextualise these works within a broader history.


The collaboration between these different generations of artists is the culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking and mutual regard over the human condition. The represented artists work in various media, including film, video, sound, painting, sculpture and installation. The gallery also publishes catalogues in close collaboration with the represented artists, in order to promote their work.


A must see whenever you are in Paris!
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