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HIGH-STAKES Presented By Lisa Boudet


Presented by Lisa Boudet during Paris+ by Art Basel Art Fair

October 18 - 22, 2023

7 Rue Saint-Claude Paris - France

HIGH-STAKES: A transformative journey in the face of adversity.

Lisa Boudet is thrilled to announce her upcoming group exhibition HIGH-STAKES featuring some of the most exciting up and coming international artists. For this occasion these artists’ work delve into the profound moments in life that can either break us or propel us to new heights. Set against the backdrop of the pressing global challenges we face, such as climate change, this exhibition serves as a metaphorical exploration of humanity's transformative potential for positive change.

Installation Image of HIGH-STAKES Presented By Lisa Boudet
Artwork by Loren Erdrich
Installation Image of HIGH-STAKES Presented By Lisa Boudet


The artworks showcased in HIGH-STAKES encapsulate the raw emotions, personal struggles, and transformative journeys we experience throughout our lives. The exhibition brings together a diverse range of artistic expressions and backgrounds, each inviting viewers to reflect upon their own pivotal moments and contemplate the path to personal growth.

Through the evocative and thought-provoking artworks, HIGH-STAKES invites visitors to explore the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength, fragility and resilience. The exhibition serves as a powerful reminder that it is in these very moments of adversity that we are given the opportunity to rise above and evolve into better versions of ourselves.

Installation Image of HIGH-STAKES Presented By Lisa Boudet
LUKE 1.jpg


Furthermore, HIGH-STAKES extends its scope beyond the personal realm, connecting the individual narratives to the greater challenges of our time. The exhibition highlights the urgent need for collective action and transformative change, particularly in the face of climate change and its profound impact on our planet and future generations. The artworks and scenography challenge viewers to consider their roles in creating a sustainable and compassionate world, emphasizing the power of individual choices and actions to effect positive change.

HIGH-STAKES has brought together a diverse array of talent and creatives. In collaboration with the stylist Matthias Debras, known for dressing celebrities at the Cannes Festival and affiliation with Louis Vuitton, orchestrated a distinctive fashion photoshoot dressing the artist present in leading fashion house brands FendiMartin MargielaCourrègesAmbushY/ProjectLudovic de Saint Serninas with Jewellery by Mellerio.


Pushing the boundaries beyond just visual arts, HIGH-STAKES curated a dynamic experience that included a live concert by the up-and-coming French band  Renard Tortue, followed by ICYKOF— having already headlined for Swedish House Mafia,  he is also prominent fashion YouTuber, and owner of a fashion brand respected by many including Drake. Vugzy closed the event. A rising star in France who has shared the stage with Busy P (Pedro Winter), the former manager of Daft Punk. The diverse blend of creativity and talent truly made this exhibition a standout moment in the Paris+ cultural landscape.

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Full list of participating artists includes:

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