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An outsize and generous character, Australian born Jordy Kerwick lives in a Chateau and former school in the South of France. Inspired by his wife and kids he makes paintings he and they think are awesome; tigers, bears unicorns and snakes, are juxtaposed with his favourite books, still life flowers, trees, nudes, and chief like feather arrangements within folkloric almost fairytale narratives. The paintings are natural, fun, punkish and unapologetic. Kerwick makes use of various techniques and interlaces historical references into his work.


The self-taught artist began painting in 2016, where he quickly found himself at the centre of international success: showcasing his work in galleries across the world. From Vigo Gallery London, Woaw Gallery Hong Kong, Vito Schnabel Gallery New York and Galerie Julien Cadet Paris.


In the Summer of 2021 I met Kerwick and his loving family at his studio in the South of France to learn more about his journey into art and better understand his creative process.
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