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From Chicago in the United States, Artist Nicholas Zepeda has BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Where he received a nomination for the Yale at Norfolk Summer 2020 residency.


His works have always been about self-discovery, but also explore the realms of fear. Not knowing the correct way to interact and how hard it is to really fit in.


Informed by the aspirations of his immigrant family and his own doubts, Zepeda grew up convinced that the repression of his identities was a consequence of achieving a conveniently-unspecified ’something greater’.


Zepeda is making drawings and paintings that see a new weight to self-discovery after achieving his childhood dream: moving into his own apartment.


Nicholas Zepeda took part in ‘LUCKY CHARM’ a Group Exhibition of 28 International Artists. Presented by Lisa Boudet in association with Moosey Art. Opening the 4th of November 2021 at Hoxton Arches in London, United Kingdom.

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