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Rafael Pérez Hernando is the Owner and Director of Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. The origins of the gallery go back to 1996, when it hosted a series of exhibitions in a small basement in Claudio Coello in the centre of Madrid. At that time the gallery chose to represent more established artists, although not all of them were well known to the public. The gallery focused on a particular period of a chosen artist’s career, on the quality of their works, and, very importantly, the use of paper as a medium. Later in 2004, the gallery reopened at its current premises in Calle Orellana 18, this time putting emerging artists in the spotlight.


In February of 2021 I sat down with Rafael Pérez Hernando to chat about Spanish artist Javier Calleja’s latest exhibition in Madrid. Unlike his most recent shows in Asia and the US, this one is more intimate just like his relationship with its gallerist Rafael which also transpires in the title of the show ‘Si Yo Te Contara…’. Hernando is accredited to exhibiting Javi Calleja's work as early as November of 2009 making him one of Calleja's first Gallerists.


If you're ever in Madrid do stop by and check out their latest exhibition.
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