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Raphaël Cruyt is one of the four founders of MIMA (Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art), which opened in the Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels. It is committed to a culture that breaks down barriers and reaches out to a broad audience, reflecting the world of today and paving the way for the world of tomorrow.


In January of 2020 prior to drastically changing perspective of global health. I attended the MIMA Museum in Brussels for the opening of the show "ZOO". I spoke with Raphaël Cruyt Curator and Director about the show, its references to pop, humour and anthropomorphic art. This star packed show including the artists: Parra (NL), Pablo Dalas (FR), Egle Zvirblyte (LTU), Todd James (US), Russell Maurice (UK), MARTÍ SAWE (ES), Steven Harrington (US), Ryan Travis Christian (US), Rhys Lee (AUS), Finsta (SW) and Laurent Impeduglia.


Raphaël Cruyt and his partner Alice van den Abeele opened Alice Gallery in 2005 in the heart of Brussels city centre. The exhibition space brings both Belgian and international artists, with the aim of breaking the codes of traditional galleries and exploring new universes such as skateboard, graffiti, tattoos or cinema.


Making MIMA and Alice Gallery two of the most exciting spaces in Belgium.
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