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Born in Oakland and based in Chicago, Ryan Travis Christian creates drawings that reinterpret the style and content of early hand-animated cartoons as surreal personal narratives. Influenced by vintage political cartoons and hand-drawn animation, Christian’s monochromatic charcoal drawings and oil paintings contemplate the origins of his cartoonish aesthetic.


I spoke with Ryan Travis Christian at the MIMA Museum in Brussels for the opening of the Exhibition "ZOO". A collection of 20 new drawings were made for the exhibition. We took a closer look at his work and listened to some of the hidden meanings behind them. He shared an insight to some of the cryptic clues to look for and maybe even a phone number or two?


This star packed Exhibition including the artists: Parra (NL), Pablo Dalas (FR), Egle Zvirblyte (LTU), Todd James (US), Russell Maurice (UK), MARTÍ SAWE (ES), Steven Harrington (US), Finsta (SWE), Rhys Lee (AUS) and Laurent Impeduglia.
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