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Szabolcs Bozó’s oeuvre revolves essentially around the fields of drawing and painting. Completely without inhibition, his iconography displays a regressive and joyously school-boyish attitude, whose more subversive flipside emerges from beneath this apparent innocence. In a short space of time, Bozó has forged a style that is immediately recognizable. His flashily colored zoomorphic creatures are set against a white background that is not always perfectly clean, but whatever the case, the essential idea is to communicate energy, abundance and humor.


Painted in large format, his characters often seem cramped within their frames, as if inflated by an excess of tenderness. Taken as a whole, his oeuvre appears as a gallery of endearing creatures, with a human expressiveness that is occasionally all too human.


I caught up with Bozó at his first Solo Exhibition with Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels. We discover what were the catalyst to his sudden rise to success. From 50 Instagram followers and £500 in his pocket on a bus trip to London. To now showcasing his works with world leading galleries and Museums.

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