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From Moscow, Russia, Anton and Aleksey Tvorogov are twin brothers whose work process starts by hand sculpting their characters as reference for their paintings.


Their work is minimalistic and meditative. It reminds fragments of a fairy tale and triggers your imagination. The Tvorogov's use the languages of animation, comics, video games, book illustrations and puppet shows – the first visual languages that people learn and use to shape their worldview.


Turning to them, artists create new characters and lay out their world on separate motives, without roles and entertaining storytelling. What comes to the fore here is not the story, but the sensual relationship between the hero and the surrounding world and the revelation of the fragile but inseparable connection between fiction and reality.


Anton and Aleksey Tvorogov took part in ‘LUCKY CHARM’ a Group Exhibition of 28 International Artists. Presented by Lisa Boudet in association with Moosey Art. Opening the 4th of November 2021 at Hoxton Arches in London, United Kingdom.

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