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Yoora Lee (b.1990) was born in South Korea and currently lives and works in Chicago. Yoora received a B.F.A in painting at South Korea and moved to Chicago in 2016. And she graduated with her M.F.A in Painting and Drawing from school of the Art institute of Chicago in 2020. Her work has been exhibited internationally including Chicago, New York and South Korea.


Her paintings are filled with analogous color relationships and wavering horizontal marks that imagine an impressionism derived from video tape distortion. Her works deal with questions connected to the past and to more recent history and address subjects of our daily lives through a set of images recreated from the television and the Internet. Her brush strokes blur the picture like an analog TV glitch, undulating the image as though from an obsolete technology.


Yoora Lee took part in ‘LUCKY CHARM’ a Group Exhibition of 28 International Artists. Presented by Lisa Boudet in association with Moosey Art. Opening the 4th of November 2021 at Hoxton Arches in London, United Kingdom.

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