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Yue Wu

Yue Wu (伍月) was born in 1983, at the Beijing Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, where is grandfather worked as a department director. He grew up at the academy, living with his grandparents until he was 8 years old, and then moved to Paris to live with his parents. Wu studied graphic design and animation at ENSAD.


Yue Wu is a visual artist who specializes in creating dynamic compositions that merge pop culture subjects with surrealist forms. Currently based in Paris, Wu's interdisciplinary practice includes graphic design, illustration and experimentations with bleach on canvas. His meticulously-drawn figures has attracted special commissions by a slew of leading brands including Nike, Adidas and Comme des Garçons.


In 2021 I sat down to discuss his recent Solo Exhibition at Easy Otabor's Anthony Gallery in Chicago. Entitled “Wonder Years," Along with his journey and the many paths that he has crossed within the world of Art, Fashion and Music.


Video coming soon!
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